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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

From now, when you get this note from your tattoo artist, your tattoo's future is in your hand! You take responsibility about the healing process and the tattoo aftercare. Please follow the instructions:


1. You have a special film cover on your tattoo, what is water proof, dust proof and also breathable. You need to leave this cover on your tattoo for the next 2 days. Please don't remove it in that period. Doesn't matter if this film have liquid, plasma or ink bubbles under, don't remove it in 2 days please.


2. After the first 2 days you need to remove the film. Please go for a normal shower with antibacterial soap, and remove the film from your tattoo gently and slowly. Its important to do it slowly, other ways you will remove the fresh skin. Give a nice, cleaning wash for your tattoo with an antibacterial soap.


3. After shower and cleaning DON'T DRY YOUR FRESH TATTOO WITH NORMAL TOWEL! Please make sure, you use a freshly opened kitchen (paper) towel to dry it up. Don't scratch or hurt your skin, be gentle!


4. Now you can leave the tattoo on the fresh air to heal naturally. Please make sure you keep it clean and wash it with antibacterial soap x4 in the first 2 days. If you go out, please make sure you have a light and breathable clothing, to let your tattoo breath. Please mak sur its not getting any contamination and as soon as you arrive home, give it a nice antibacterial soap wash and dry it a same way as in point 3.


5. From the 3rd day please use only B5 PANTHENOL CREAM for your tattoo, what your tattoo artist was giving you. You need to use all/half of the tube depends on what the tattoo artist advise. Make sure you moisturise it daily x4. Please use only a thin layer each time as over moisturising can cause infection.


6. Please avoid to go to bath tub or swimming pools, beach (sun and water), dirty places, in the healing period. For hand and finger tattoos, please avoid dish washing as well, because its can soak your ink off (tubes, swimming pools, dishwash) and also the chemicals, sunburn and dust can make serious infection!!!!


7.Do not pick or scratch any scabbing, allow it to come off on its own. Scabbing usually flakes off after 7-10 days. Wear clean and lose clothing to keep your tattoo breathe and protected.

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